Thank you Michat for this nice here to find Michat
Updated E.Barangers DO-X
download here the DO-X for Multi- player with some more instruments, RadioDirectionFinder for NDB/VOR/DME/ILS and more...
Multiplayer horse
download the last and funny action for driving a horse by helicopter, or ride on it through vastness of flightgear.
2016-08-11 21:05h
Catapultships and the old DO-J in the South Atlantic

download the Dornier DO-J-II and the two Catapultships "Schwabenland" and "Westfalen" Mail-Demo. FG 2016.2
The Super Connie
download the Lockheed 1049h in our version 1.3.0 (Original from 'Buckaroo') with changings from W.Gottfried and our Hangar. Or the DC-6B in our version 1.0.9 (Original from Syd Adams and Ron Jensen)
Common-Spruce CS1
download our incredible Test- Aircraft 'Common-Spruce CS-1'. 100% compostable with banner, acrobatic smoke and copilot integration Version 0.6.5
Polikarpov I16

down- load the Poli- kar- pov with new JSBsim fdm and rembrandt IMPORTANT :: Please remove the folder :: fgdata/AI/Aircraft/Polikarpov-I16..
The Banana with changable liveries, copilot action, light colors, shadow, dirt and new panel

download the famous
H-21C "Flying Banana" in our version 0.3.5
Also the Sikorsky-76C from Syd Adams with some modifications in our version 0.0.2 is available.
Funny action with the ferries on the lake of constance
download the MP-LODI-TABOR Demo for "ferry" action on the "Lake of Constance"
2017-01-02 11:22h
Boeing 707

Download here the 707 and the included Tanker and AWACS version. A refueling demo for the EC 137 D you get here.
2017-01-02 11:55h
Start once in your live at the TT, Southern 100, NW 200, Ulster GP, Macau GP, Piritat-Koose-Klostrimetsa, Hampton Downs, Wanganui or Terlicko
Download the
Motorcycle-Racing Package with many Racebikes and the scenery for many road race courses like the TT, UlsterGP, NW200 and more. There are also a lot of MotoGP Courses like Qatar, Austin, RioHondo, Jerez, Valencia and more.
Liveries: German Wings for the A320neo and A320-family
Liveries: Eagle for the DC-6
Liveries: O Galego Intinerante for the Lockheed 1049h
Liveries: DHL for the 777-200er